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The reason for the title to my post is the quote below from Albert Einstein:

Everybody is a genius.  But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.

— Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate (1879-1955)

I read this and it started me to think about a few things about life that I wanted to share and how sometimes we might make a big deal out of something or pound our heads against the wall in futility for something that may not be achievable.  Think about what it would really look like if a fish was truly trying to climb a tree! The most likely response would be “Look at that stupid fish”, doesn’t even know how to climb a tree.  This assumption would be made because you may have the ability to climb the tree and the fish doesn’t.

I find my self thinking that way about my dog! My dog will chase and bark at  Buzzards that are flying in the air above our house and I will think “Stupid dog, you can’t fly and catch that Buzzard!”  My dog like most dogs are very smart and if I judge my dog based on the fact she can’t fly and catch the buzzard then she may believe she is stupid which would be an incorrect assumption.

I find this quote to be particularly relevant in the workplace where someone may label you as stupid because you are unable or have the skill level to do what they do when in fact you may actually be smarter person.   This could apply to hobbies as well as in my situation where I enjoy taking dance lessons. I have been in group lessons and hear comments about someone being a “terrible dancer” of they “must be dumb”.

So when I sit back and think about this quote I truly believe we “are all geniuses” and just because someone is not cut out to do a particular thing does not make them stupid and to the people who hear that from someone; don’t believe it!  You may not have the ability to “climb a tree” or “fly like the bird”, but you are good at something and while you try don’t let those around you judge and call you “stupid” because we all are a genius at something, we just have to find out what it is.

Every once in a while I will post a blog about my dog molly and based on a recent experience I thought it was time for another.  Last year Molly became very sick with vomiting, not eating, and very lethargic so I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with pancreatitis and kept her for 3 days for a charge if about $400.00.  The vet said because of her age (12) this is a chronic condition that could flare up anytime, by the way Molly is a lab mix.

Anyway, several weeks ago she began to develop these same symptoms again and due to her age and talking to others with old dogs this was old age and she was on the verge of death. I placed in her in the garage on the dog bed and tried to make her comfortable and she just laid there.  I was not really in a position for another large vet bill especially for an older dog with a chronic problem.  I had water for her but he hardly drank as I knew she needed to keep hydrated. I bought pedialite and she would drink this with her water which I thought was good sign, but during the first 5 days of being sick she had not eaten anything.

After 5 days she appeared to be trying to respond but didn’t have any energy and I had tried to give her some protein shake but she wouldn’t drink it.  I was trying to figure out something she would eat to get her strength back and if she would recover then I would decide if I needed to take her to the vet.  So then I thought of the “miracle cure” that brought molly back from the brink of death… “Peanut Butter sandwiches”!! I figured she needed protein to fill her up and restore her energy so I would make them and tear off in pieces so she could eat. After about 3 days of this she began to walk around and go do her business in the yard.  She was slobbering a lot and leaking feces so I decided to take her to the vet and make sure.  He ran tests and nothing came back and gave me a couple of prescriptions and by the evening she was her happy self and ready to eat everything in site like she used too!!

I wanted to share a positive story as animals become part of the family and as has done everything I asked to chasing the buzzards that fly in the sky to eating the mayflies that try to get into the house during the Spring so I decided this was worth my effort to help save Molly along with a little prayer to God!!


I have to say that when I read the article about the Navy Seals finding a large stash of pornography in Bin Laden’s so-called hide out almost laughed my you no what off!!  Let me say first that if he liked pornography that his is business and I don’t really care about that, but this is typical of “religious people”, “preachers” etc… that have the mentality of “do as I say and not as I do”!  Let me clarify that I am not talking about someone’s true faith in God that I myself have, but these people who try to tell other people how to live and they go ahead and do what ever they want and bin laden with his porn collection would be one of the worst offenders!!  If a regular every day “muslim” was found with a porn stash they would probably pull out his eyes or execute this person as violating the koran or something.

All the while Bin Laden is watching his porn he was making those stupid videos about how decadent the west was and taking over muslim lands! I bet you anything he was watching western porn and having orgies with his three wives and could somehow honestly talk some of these people into blowing themselves up to kill others!!  Little did these people know the person they believed was some kind of “religious icon” was keeping an extensive porn collection and all the while blaming the “decadent west” for corrupting muslims!

This is a perfect example why things and what people say should be questioned and not “blindly” follow what someone says because they make themselves out to be some kind of expert.  This is especially true with religious figures because they use heaven and hell to get people to do their bidding or give them all their money.  These people are told that if they do not do what the religious leader says they will go to hell!  How many people has bin laden convinced to blow themselves up and kill others and them thinking they will go heaven and get the 72 virgins!! It is really a sad state of affairs that people are naive enough to believe someone like bin laden.  Maybe this will wake up the decent muslims that want to work and raise a family. So the next time the radical comes to your door looking for recruits for a suicide mission tell him to take blow himself up and not to forget his pornography!

Well blog world I have been behind because life has happened and I had my dance competition this last weekend and will blog about that later but I have to post my incident in Atlanta where we were staying.  But first I have to set this up on why this is like weird or funny so I will let the readers be the judge.  Last year about this time we were visiting San Diego and decided to head to the beach and enjoy the beautiful beach walk on Pacific Beach.  We were probably about 15-20 minutes away from our room and I just happened to look down and there was this big bunch of bird s**t all over the front of my shirt and there was like a lot of it!!  My wife and 23-year-old were like saying “””oooo nasty, gross etc…. and it was true!! I had to get back to the room and change my shirt and making sure I did not touch any of it.  We thought what dumb luck for this to happen, but not the end of the world.

Fast forward to this weekend in Atlanta for a dance competition we were attending.  I like to try to find a good “coffee and cappuccino” gas station (a gas station that sells quality coffee and cappuccino if there is such a thing)  Anyway, I found a place within walking distance and headed there Saturday for a cup and then on Sunday when the incident occurred! We were walking back to the hotel with coffee in hand just talking and I had taken a few sips and in the next few minutes I just happened to look down and saw this “white blob” on my lid about the six of a dime.  I thought “what is wrong with that lid”?  “Must be a defect in the lid, but I didn’t notice it when I put it on the cup”  Then it hit me ” This looks like bird s**t!! and sure enough it was!! Another bird had s**t almost one year to the day it happened to me in San Diego!!  I couldn’t believe!! Some bird has ruined my morning coffee!!

We had a good laugh about it and now a funny memory, but now this has happened two years in a row while I was out-of-town on vacation!! Wonder if this means anything positive or negative?? Or could just mean what my wife says about me after all “that I am full of s**t” lol

I wanted to make a short post has things have been hectic. I have been informed by people with experience regarding cowboy hats that mine does not fit so I need to add and extra layer of weather strip in the band so it will fit properly! This is too funny to me being a “rookie cowboy” and all. I am wearing this for my dance competition so I have to get it right because I have raised my bar high! Now I am trying to talk myself into the cowboy shirt I should wear and I think “Oh lord what have I become!! lol

As you can tell from most of my blog it is about politics and current events but the reason I name it “neubworthynotes” is so I can post about other things when I feel like it and this day is one of them.  The title of my post may be weird to some but you must understand that wearing anything that has to do with cowboy, western, or country stuff is just not my style.  I am in no way criticizing those who like these things it just wasn’t for me.

Anyway, I have been taking dance lessons which started with some ballroom and country-western and I seemed to gravitate toward the country. The music was lively and the dancing I liked to do fit with the music.  I go to the local honky-tonk with my wife to take a lesson and practice and even in this setting I do not wear the typical “cowboy gear”.  Last year we participated in a dance competition put on by a country-western dance 0rganization and at this event we were not required to wear country-western gear as this was out first time, however many did so.

As 2010 progressed I decided that I would breakdown and get a cowboy hat to practice in and wear to my next competition.  It just so happens my brother in law had a stetson that he let me have so for the past few weeks I have been wearing it to my dance practice!   As I stated above this is a big stretch for me, but decided that in order to achieve the goals I have set in this particular area of my life then I needed to play the part.  Obviously, the next “piece of equipment” I need is cowboy boots!!  This is even a bigger leap for me but I as I stated in the last sentence sometimes you have to “play the part” in order to achieve your goals.

I post this story to show that none of us should take ourselves to seriously.  Why do I care if someone has never seen me in a Cowboy Hat and wants to make fun or laugh at me!   I have set a goal that I want to reach and that is to be the best dancer I can and if I can get into that role by wearing a cowboy hat and boots then so be it!  To top it off I have been listening to country music too!!  To me this is one of the positives of getting older in life is that you care less about trying to impress others and forge ahead with the things that are positive in life and wearing the “cowboy hat” at this stage in life is very positive for me!!


Me and the Cowboy Hat!

I have a story to tell about my neighbor that follows my previous post on People Observation #9.  After we had moved into our house 10 years ago I started a garden as I felt like I was carrying on the tradition of my papaw who had a garden and when I would visit I would help him work in it.  I didn’t know what I was doing but I got to hear him tell some story he made up or about being in World War II.  Anyway, my garden was large enough that I was able to give away some produce and I was happy to do so. In the meantime we had new neighbors move in and the were older and retired.  We became friends with them and each year after that when I had extra tomatoes I would give some to my neighbor.

As I would go and check my garden I would think “I have some tomatoes missing” because I could tell which ones would be ready in a few days and when I would go out in the garden to pick them they would be gone.  I suspected my retired neighbor was helping himself to “vine ripe tomatoes”!! but I had no proof.  Once day I was coming up the stairs into the kitchen as my back window looks out into the back yard and there he was!!! The neighbor had walked through my pine trees and standing at the edge of the tomato row, kind of hesitating and looking towards my house to see if anyone was watching. I watched this for a few minutes and then he did it!!! Bent over, picked a tomato and disappeared into the row of pine trees!! It was one of the funniest things to watch. You could see him debating in his mind “can I get this tomato without any watching”?? Like some little kid trying not to get caught!!

Anyway, this is how I coined the phrase “Tomato Bandit” in reference to my neighbor.  Just a funny story I wanted to share.