Vice President Joe Biden recently visited the General Electric plant in Louisville, Kentucky and praised the government stimulus that is helping to create jobs at GE but what also created these jobs was the 43 million dollars in state and federal tax incentives!!  So let me get this straight, by giving tax breaks this is helping businesses to create jobs because they have more money to spend but I am told the government is in a deficit and needs money so I do not get a tax break. In fact I am told I will need to pay more taxes because there is not enough money to fund the government or pay the people who do not want to work!!

Just look how hypocritical this government is; they acknowledge that tax breaks for businesses help to spur growth but in the same breath keep taxing the individual more and more.  If the working population received “substantial tax incentives” then we would have more money to spend and this recession would be over and the economy would be booming.  So when you hear these politicians say we can’t cut taxes because it will do damage to the economy just think about what I have said above.   If this government doesn’t do something about the taxes on the working people of this country then we are headed for a double dip recession and all Washington has to do is let us have our money back and the American people will get this country out of the recession.  Not runaway government spending.

I have posted a link on this as well.