I have waited to post on this story to see how things are going to play out.  But what has been reported is that a U.S. Border patrol shot and killed a 15-year-old Mexican in the area between El Paso and Juarez.  Appears the agents were trying to stop the flow of illegal immigrants with the help of “coyotes” as they are called when the incident took place.  The Mexicans began to throw rocks at the U.S. Border patrol agents when the shooting occurred. None of us were there to know exactly what happened, but I believe the U.S. Border patrol was in a no win situation.

Why do I think this?  Since Arizona passed their immigration law Mexico has been upset and their President has visited the U.S. and spoke before Congress on how this treats Mexicans badly and he will not have this.  It is reported the Mexicans are upset and taking to the streets protest because they believe the law to be unfair.  Now you have Mexican youths throwing rocks at authorities to show their displeasure the same way the Palestinians used rocks in the intifada against Israel.  Look at the parallels; Mexico feels like this is an injustice, but they will not send their police force or army to the border as they know the U.S. would crush them as the superior power.  Mexican youths are involved so if one is killed by the U.S. authorities then Mexico can use the publicity to try to show the brutality and unfairness of the U.S.  I don’t believe all this is a coincidence since the Arizona immigration law was passed. Doesn’t this sound like what Israel experienced in Gaza?

I for one am tired of hearing that “The Mexican street” is upset or the “Arab street is upset”!!  Will you know, I am upset!!  I am tired of the fact that we worry about all these other people and are not taking care of our own!! Is is high time that we do and go ahead and build a fence to keep the illegal Mexicans just like Israel did to keep out the Palestinians.