I have made a few posts on my blog about the dance lessons I have been taking but not gone into a lot of detail but wanted to post the current state of my “dance career”!! lol.  Anyway, this past weekend my wife and I competed in our first competition and we had a great time.  We have been preparing intensely for the last six months as we competed in 7 different dances but we have had the most fun with the Polka.  It is lively with upbeat music, kind of like how I am so that is why I wanted to mention it in my blog.

I did not feel like I was nervous but obviously when you do something for the first time there is some anxiety involved, but also excitement.  Anyway, to add to my “excitement” for my first time not only did we have to dance the Polka first we were the only ones in this heat for Polka!!  Talk about anxiety!! But it never crossed our minds to scratch as we had come this far so we were going to finish. I had talked to my instructor afterwards and she has known people to scratch if they are the only ones in the competition.

I have posted video below to show how much fun we had and are having!!  As most of you know it is important to set goals and try something you have never done before and see it through!!  There is such a sense of accomplishment that says “I did it” and makes you want to keep trying.  As you can tell by the video it seemed like the people clapping had fun as well and that made it all the more special.  I may post my other videos of the different dances if it inspires other people in their goals but I will see how this one does first!!

Plan B is my video of the Polka at the follow address:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzUUr0daeRQ