There are recent reports of the NAACP at their annual convention have issued a statement accusing Tea Party activists of  “tolerating bigotry and racism within the Tea Party movement”.  I find this to be a “pure political” statement without any basis in fact to stir up fear and continuation to divide this country based on race.  I believe this to be a calculated statement to influence the November election because liberals in this country are in fear of taking a pounding in the elections and losing control of Congress.

Are there bigots, racists in any in organization or movement?, of course there are!   I would venture to say there are some in the NAACP, but this singular attention paid to the Tea Party movement is way out of balance.  It looks like to me the Tea Party is a group of people who want to organize and be involved in the political process and all we hear from the media is that racists and bigots permeate this group.  Just look at the story during the healthcare debate about the black congressman who were walking past a Tea Party protest and claim racial epithets were yelled at them.  With all the media devices and you tube around no proof ever surfaced of the racial epithets.  Additionally, these same liberals have continued the onslaught to try to destroy Sarah Palin?   If she is such and buffoon and light weight, why focus of her and the Tea Party movement?

The liberals are afraid of this movement and this why the statement from the NAACP about the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.  They have to continue to control power in this country to complete their agenda and one way of doing this is to continue the drumbeat of racism.  I urge all of us to ignore this fear mongering and when you vote do not vote in fear because someone or some group makes accusations about another. Research for yourselves and make an informed decision. The powers to be in this country want the American people to be distracted from the real problems in this country like the economy.

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