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It is being reported that in the last few weeks Syrian security forces have shot and killed over 200people in the last 4 weeks.  Since the uprisings have occurred in North Africa the Syrian people have taken to the streets demanding that Syrian President Assad step down and allow democratic reform.  His response is to shoot people in the streets so sounds like to me NATO needs to start drawing up plans to conduct missile and air strikes to save the Syrian people from being massacred like the excuse we were all given for the Libyan operation.  However, even though protestors are being shot and killed there will be no intervention to save the Syrian protestors because they are on their own.

But think about this, what better opportunity to get rid of another antagonist in the middle east?  I say this only for the fact of the lame excuse for attacking Libya.  We could get rid of a lot of problems by toppling the Syrian regime.  For one Iran would lose a key ally on the northern front of Israel and a conduit for weapons to their patron in Lebanon which is Hezbollah.  A big obstacle to middle east peace could be removed and serious discussions on settling this matter once and for all.  But this will not happen!! The status quo will remain because to me no money or profit can be made by taking out Syria.  North Africa is sitting on huge oil reserves and this needs to be tapped and Qadhafi must go because he is holding up the progress of getting to these reserves.

I just get tired of being given excuses for attacking countries like Libya so we can “save their people”.  Really… so we can “save them”!! Who is going to save the people of this country (US) when gas is $5.00 a gallon, food prices keep rising and no jobs that pay enough for people to survive.  It is all smoke and mirrors when these things go on and I don’t believe a word of it!!

Well it has finally happened!! It has been reported that China has recently passed the United States as the leader in world energy consumption.   I have linked to a detailed article on this but wanted to add a few comments of my own and the possible double standard that may apply here in regard to the United States.  There is a quote from the article that says the following:  “Some environmentalists are cautiously optimistic about what China’s new status could mean for the planet, pointing out that it has spearheaded research and development into renewable energy. The IEA’s chief economist, Fatih Birol, said China is the world’s leader in wind and solar power.”  Are you kidding me!!  Correct me if I am wrong but the United States is doing more that any country to try to curb our pollution and in the process of reducing our consumption of fossil fuels which would be good for the planet.

However, China is the number one polluter of this planet and I for one want to know if the “environmentalists” are protesting the Chinese Government!! Are they stopping the Chinese from logging, fishing, drilling for oil or searching for other fossil fuels still needed at this time to run this country?   I can answer my own question and the answer is no!!   China is run by communists so in this society dissent is not tolerated because if the environmentalists go to China and do the things they do in the United States they would be arrested and possibly executed for subversion of the communist rule!

I am a big supporter of people and groups being allowed to protest their government, but I think some of the things these environmentalists have done to shut down production of jobs in this country is ridiculous.  Since China is the number one polluter and now the largest energy consumer these people can no longer hang their hat on the Unites States being solely responsible for polluting and using all the energy in the world.  I say to them “take your show to China if you are serious about these issues and then I will have more respect for your cause.”

There are continued behind the scenes talk that an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities is beginning to heat up again.  Defense Secretary Gates was quoted as saying “We do not accept the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons”.  I believe this statement to be true and the sentiment of the President as he said the same thing during the election.   The article also talks about the  Iran’s Sunni neighbors want the US to do it or they are threatening to go nuclear which would include Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  This could all be propaganda to get the Iranian Government nervous so the will negotiate but I don’t think the US should let these other countries intimidate us into doing their dirty work!!

I know the US has interests in the region, but if Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan want something done about Iran let them do it!! Also, if these countries want this “attack” to take place then the US should make them foot the entire bill for this operation and give us a cut-rate price on the barrel of oil when it goes to over $100 a barrel when this attack occurs.  This country is broke and taxes are going up and I for one don’t want to continue to pay higher taxes just because some country in another part of the world doesn’t like their neighbor!   When have these oil-producing ever given this country a break?  When the price of oil went to $100 a barrel a few years ago these countries didn’t help out the United States and this was one of the catalysts for the Great Recession!!  I say let them worry about and go cry to China since they seem to have all this money right now!