Well it has finally happened!! It has been reported that China has recently passed the United States as the leader in world energy consumption.   I have linked to a detailed article on this but wanted to add a few comments of my own and the possible double standard that may apply here in regard to the United States.  There is a quote from the article that says the following:  “Some environmentalists are cautiously optimistic about what China’s new status could mean for the planet, pointing out that it has spearheaded research and development into renewable energy. The IEA’s chief economist, Fatih Birol, said China is the world’s leader in wind and solar power.”  Are you kidding me!!  Correct me if I am wrong but the United States is doing more that any country to try to curb our pollution and in the process of reducing our consumption of fossil fuels which would be good for the planet.

However, China is the number one polluter of this planet and I for one want to know if the “environmentalists” are protesting the Chinese Government!! Are they stopping the Chinese from logging, fishing, drilling for oil or searching for other fossil fuels still needed at this time to run this country?   I can answer my own question and the answer is no!!   China is run by communists so in this society dissent is not tolerated because if the environmentalists go to China and do the things they do in the United States they would be arrested and possibly executed for subversion of the communist rule!

I am a big supporter of people and groups being allowed to protest their government, but I think some of the things these environmentalists have done to shut down production of jobs in this country is ridiculous.  Since China is the number one polluter and now the largest energy consumer these people can no longer hang their hat on the Unites States being solely responsible for polluting and using all the energy in the world.  I say to them “take your show to China if you are serious about these issues and then I will have more respect for your cause.”