In the last few days a disgruntled worker in Connecticut was allegedly being fired because he was shown videotape of him stealing beer from his employer.  Right after the hearing this worker shot up the place and killed 8 people and the 911 tape was released today and the worker said this “was a racist place and he took care of it” he then shot and killed himself.  The first report of the race issue came from AP and now additional information has come out that I referenced above.

This worker was a black male who claims his employer was racist and his girlfriend says he told her about racist remarks by his management.  None of us were there to know what was going on or in this man’s shoes to know how he felt but I can see what is coming down the road with this in the near future.  Regardless if there is any racism the media will continue to push this as the reason this man killed 8 people.  The blame will not be on him for killing 8 people but on the employer for fostering a “racist atmosphere”  again this will occur whether this whole racism thing at this company is true or not.  The shooters family, girlfriend, etc.. will hire an attorney an sue in order to get a big payday, again whether there are facts to support racism at this company. Remember it is not the “nature of the facts” that matter, but the “seriousness of the charge” that matters!

While I recognize there are still “racists” in this country this does not justify this mass murder of people who were just trying to work and make a living.  And for crying out loud they have video of this guy stealing!!   This is just another example of people in this country not wanting to take responsibility for their actions or mistakes and wanting to blame someone else!! I just don”t get it and I have yet to figure out how this mentality has permeated this society.   I have posted some links to this story.