I have watched the events in Tunisia and Egypt unfold in the last few weeks and have waited to post to see how this situation plays out and if there are any others who may believe the way I do and so far I have not seen any indication of this, but I know the internet is large so there could be some that do think this way.  I am a student of history and while some historical events are brought about by accident, other events are orchestrated and changes made in order to steer a course in a certain direction and I wonder if the revolutions in these autocratic Arab governments are one of these situations?  Let me give an example of what I mean:

I grew up in the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union and they competed all over the world through “proxy nations” to battle each other for influence.  While communism is a failed economic model all these communist nations had entrenched security networks to ensure the people stayed in line and allow the communists to maintain control.  This order of the world seemed set with no change in site and then ” Bam”!! We wake up one day and communism is defeated in Eastern Europe and the communists have fallen in the Soviet Union and this appeared to have happened overnight!!  Next thing we know there is no longer a Soviet Union and Eastern Europe is free!

I believe this is the same scenario in the Arab world.  These dictators are entrenched with massive security network to maintain control and now all of a sudden the government of Tunisia falls and Egypt is about to follow.  I would expect others such as Jordan, Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia to follow.  I do not believe this is occurring all of a sudden and so rapidly without unknown forces behind the scenes controlling the events.  Might you ask why I believe this? I believe this is occurring to continue the march to a New World Order!!  Think about it… Communism had to fall and could not remain in place if there was going to be a New World Order.  There could not be a clash of ideas on the economic system as there has to be one economic system in place for the one world government.

To me the last great hold out of people to fall in line with this order is the Arab nations in the muslim world.  They need to be brought in line and with these autocratic governments this cannot take place.  This is why I expect to see wholesale changes in the Middle East to help bring this about.  I don’t know of there is a positive or negative to a one world government, but I do know when power is concentrated in the hands of a few the rest assured the “little man” is in trouble and will become subservient to the New World Order!