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A recent article that I came across indicated that Russia was selling Syria advanced anti-ship missiles call the P-800 which are supersonic cruise missiles.   Now to those of you that are not very good at geography I will explain why this is odd the Syrians would need advanced anti ship missiles. To the west of Syria is Lebanon which is on the Mediterranean sea and to the south of Lebanon is Israel in which they share a border.  Syria does have some access the Mediterranean sea but it is well north of Israel and Israeli patrol boats do not patrol north of Lebanon near the Syrian and Turkish border.

So the only logical conclusion is the Russians are selling these missiles to Syria so at some point they can be transferred to Hizbullah for use in the next war with Israel. In the previous war Hizbullah used a surface-to-sea missile to hit an Israeli ship so it seems Hizbullah through Syria maybe getting their hands on more advanced missile systems.  The signs are all around with these types of stories of Hizbullah arming in Southern Lebanon, Syria obtaining advanced weapons, and Hamas trying to get their hands on more weapons indicating the preparations for war are taking place.

I have posted a link to the article below:

Russia to supply Supersonic missiles to Syria, despite Israel protest

The U.N. voted 12-2 for more sanctions against Iran because of its suspected nuclear program with Turkey and Brazil voting no and Lebanon abstaining.  Interesting that in this vote Russia and China went along with the western nations in approving the sanctions against Iran.  Obviously, these U.N. votes or resolutions to do have sway over any country in trying to get them to “behave”.  But, makes you wonder what made Russian and China go along this time when in the past they have been against anything the security council wanted to do in the case of Iran and its nuclear program.

To me this seems to be headed down the same track like Iraq; UN sanctions, resolutions, threats of more sanctions and finally some type of military response.  I have lived long enough now to have a view of history in relation to current events and you can see when a problem is not dealt with at the time, you only put off the inevitable of having to deal with it later such as Iran.  The Ayatollah Khomeini took over in 1979 which was allowed by President Carter and at that time Carter was probably thinking if we make nice with him all would be ok, well it wasn’t!! Iran has been at war with the U.S. for 30 years through its proxy’s and because we did not deal with them 30 years ago this is where we are today.

Just like I stated above and applies to all aspects of life you have to deal with the problem in the present because if you don’t, you will have to deal with it sometime in the future whether you like it or not.

I had posted previously about a new alignment in the Middle East with Russia emerging as a new power broker and aligning themselves with the Islamic countries.  I just located several articles to prove my point. One states “Russia, Turkey becoming strategic partners-Medvedev (President of Russia) and “Medvedev looks to bring Syrian back into sphere of influence”. I have posted the links to the articles as well.

All nations look out for their own interest but as it was in the cold war when the Soviet Union sided with the Arab nations against Israel you now have the same situation going on again with Russia building alliances with Iran, Syria, and now Turkey.  I believe the end game is to deal with Israel once and for all in the minds of these countries. Look at the current U.S. position in regard to Jerusalem which as always been the jewish capital.  The U.S. is putting pressure on Israel to give the Palestinians East Jerusalem as their capital.   It is sad to say but until one side is utterly defeated all this drama will not end.  Just look at the example of North Korea, they were not totally defeated in the Korean war and look at the problems with that nation today.  If they had been defeated back in the 1950’s then maybe there would not be the problem of them developing ballistic missiles and sinking South Korean Naval Ships!!