I have a story to tell about my neighbor that follows my previous post on People Observation #9.  After we had moved into our house 10 years ago I started a garden as I felt like I was carrying on the tradition of my papaw who had a garden and when I would visit I would help him work in it.  I didn’t know what I was doing but I got to hear him tell some story he made up or about being in World War II.  Anyway, my garden was large enough that I was able to give away some produce and I was happy to do so. In the meantime we had new neighbors move in and the were older and retired.  We became friends with them and each year after that when I had extra tomatoes I would give some to my neighbor.

As I would go and check my garden I would think “I have some tomatoes missing” because I could tell which ones would be ready in a few days and when I would go out in the garden to pick them they would be gone.  I suspected my retired neighbor was helping himself to “vine ripe tomatoes”!! but I had no proof.  Once day I was coming up the stairs into the kitchen as my back window looks out into the back yard and there he was!!! The neighbor had walked through my pine trees and standing at the edge of the tomato row, kind of hesitating and looking towards my house to see if anyone was watching. I watched this for a few minutes and then he did it!!! Bent over, picked a tomato and disappeared into the row of pine trees!! It was one of the funniest things to watch. You could see him debating in his mind “can I get this tomato without any watching”?? Like some little kid trying not to get caught!!

Anyway, this is how I coined the phrase “Tomato Bandit” in reference to my neighbor.  Just a funny story I wanted to share.