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I have attached an article from Yahoo finance and listened to several talks shows and have been hearing the liberal talking heads blame the Tea Party for the “debt deal” that was forced on the President and how bad it was for the country.  Personally, I don’t know how someone can honestly make this kind of statement and believe it. The Tea Party is the only force right now keeping Obama from spending this country into bankruptcy!

This is not a hard concept to understand; you can’t keep spending money that you don’t have because eventually the bill comes due.  How come the liberals don’t blame their own for starting all these entitlement programs and taking money from the working people and giving it to the ones that don’t work!!  Wake up people, because the President says he wants to take money from the “rich people” and redistribute the wealth but we all know in realty it will not be the “rich people” who have their money taken from them it will be the “working people” who pay the taxes in this country.

President Obama has done exactly what he said he was going to do which is to tear down capitalism and redistribute wealth in this country so in order to cover this up the liberals want to blame the Tea Party for taking the country down the wrong track.  Take your blinders off because the country is already off the track. How embarrassing to lose the AAA credit rating and this happened for the first time under Obama so that is why the Liberals are blaming the Tea Party for this mess because they want to take the light off of Obama for the AAA credit rating being lowered on his watch!

I am not defending the Republicans because they have been in on this out of control spending too but for the Democrats and Liberals to put all this on the Tea Party is completely ridiculous.


The media is all a “buzz” as the deadline of August 2nd looms for a deal to raise the debt ceiling so the United States does not default on its payments and push the world into some kind of  “depression”.!!  Well, I have news for everyone… no way this will happen!  All we have in Democrats and Republicans are a bunch of politicians worrying about themselves and how they can pad their own wallets and their buddies on Wall Street.  And all of this going back and forth between the President and Congress is a “dog and pony show” to make us think there is a looming debt ceiling crisis and they are desperately trying to work it out.  In my opinion it is already worked out, and this posturing is just to pander to the voters to get re-elected for the next election cycle.

A perfect example is the “cut, cap and balance” amendment passed by the House but was defeated in the Senate.  This bill had no chance of making it to the President because this bill was proposed to give cover to the congressman who were elected to bring government under control, but even these congressman knew in the long run that the debt ceiling will be raised and the spending will go on. This bill was passed by the House with a 234-190 but was defeated in the Senate 51-46.

So my point is that our leaders are not looking out for us. They could care less what we want and believe that we are all idiots! The democrats come into power and nothing changes, the republicans come into power and nothing changes!  This is why I believe it is time for a legitimate third-party.  There seem to be a lot of libertarians around but their organization can’t seem to get off the ground. So the alternative is for all of us..the people getting together and finding a way to start a third-party that can get people elected that break the hold the Democrats and Republicans on the power in this nation.  Because until this occurs we will get the same thing year after year…. bigger government, more spending and making sure wall street is taken care of and not main street.


As we head into the final two weeks of campaigning the candidates that are behind have resorted to “negative campaigning”.   I never pay attention to negative ads as they are usually about some personal attack that has nothing to do with the issues, but some of the ads are witty and can bring a laugh, while other ads end up being down right nasty.

Case in point is the election in Kentucky for Senator between Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul.  With Conway behind in the polls his campaign is running an ad stating that Paul belonged to an anti-christian group in college and he and someone else tied up a woman and told her she would need to worship the “Aqua Buddha”!!  Sounds to me just like a bunch of college kids doing dumb things and much ado about nothing.  I for one do not care what Rand Paul did 30 years ago and the Democrats shouldn’t either!!

Wasn’t it the democrats that said during the President Clinton’s first campaign that “it is the economy stupid” and didn’t they say it didn’t matter what Bill Clinton did when he was younger?  The sad part is that the people who do not pay attention and get all their info from people magazine and entertainment tv will believe this and actually change their vote.  The Conway campaign does not want to run on the issues because they have none and if they do have any ideas it is tied with what President Obama believes and his popularity is dropping at the moment.

I say to you “don’t be swayed”. The elites who have been in power have gotten us no where but put us in the mess we are in.  They are just throwing a fit because they could lose power.  If some of these opposing candidates are little kooky so what?  Give somebody else a chance because I don’t believe they could do any worse than these Harvard educated lawyer politicians.

I have linked to the article below:

With just one month away from the November election the Liberals are up to their usual tactics of trying to “scare” the American people into thinking the Republicans, especially Tea Party candidates are going to “cut Social Security, Medicare, or drudge up some past comment by a candidate that was said years ago to make them out to be some kind of kook!!  Take for example Christine O’Donnell who is the Tea Party candidate for Senate in Delaware.  A few weeks ago they dredged up some old video of her on the Bill Maher show talking about witchcraft and now she is made out to be a witch.  Then this week on Yahoo news the AP has found the following quote attributed to O’Donnell:    “She said China had a “carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America” and accused one opponent of appeasement for suggesting that the two countries were economically dependent and should find a way to be allies.”  Is this not what has happened?  China owns our debt and if they want to call it in then what happens?  Looks to me the Chinese have taken us over!

Also, in Kentucky Rand Paul is the Tea Party Candidate and he is being made out to be some kind of kook and in Kentucky the Liberals are scaring the Senior Citizens by telling them they will have a $2,000.00 deductible on their Medicare which is not true.  I have lived long enough now to know the Liberal playbook. I remember in 1980 when I was 17 and Ronald Reagan was running for President.  My granny lived in the country and said the following to me and my mom: “They are telling us Ronald Reagan wants to round-up all the old people and kill them so he would not have to pay their Social Security”.  Obviously, I told her this was not true but was part of the Liberal playbook to scare the seniors.  We have been told Ronald Reagan was a “dumb cowboy”, George H. Bush was a wimp, and George W. Bush was “dumb and can’t speak well”  Do you see a pattern here?  Now the tea party candidates are kooks!!

Well you know, so what if they are a little kooky!!  Look what the Harvard educated Democrat Lawyers and the Blue Blooded elite Republican gotten us?? One big giant mess that has to be cleaned up.  So want do you have to lose on election day? Don’t be swayed by scare tactics that are not true and do not let the media think for you.  It is time for change and for us to take our country back!!  Below is a link the article about Christine O’Donnell and the story about Rand Paul being accused of supporting a $2,000 medicare deductible:

O’Donnell said China plotting to take over US

Medicare emerges as key issue for Jack Conway, Rand Paul in Senate race

As we move down the road since the passage of Healthcare reform the “slow trickle” of information begins to come out on how healthcare for everyone is going to be paid for and as expected it will be paid for on the backs of working Americans.  New information has just been released that says “over the counter medications can no longer be used under a Flexible Spending Account unless there is a prescription from a doctor”. The new requirements take effect in January 2011 and the IRS has spelled out what needs to be done to meet the requirements.  If you have not guessed already and what some of us knew would happen this change is being made to raise revenue and help pay for premiums of the lower-income uninsured.

Now we know why 17,000 additional IRS agents are being hired, so they can make sure “working Americans” hand over their money to pay for all of this!!  The FSA benefited working people by helping them pay for prescriptions, office visits and over the counter medication and this are slowly being taken away!  We hear our government say “we will tax the rich” to pay for all of this.  Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are not enough “rich people” to pay for all of this and the plan all along was to have the working people pay for this.  The government has to get revenue from somewhere and the hiring of all these IRS agents is to make sure they get it!  Our only hope is the ballot box so I urge you to continue to vote out the current politicians in office and do this in every election until they get the point that we are all fed up and not going to take this anymore!!  I have linked to the article below.

There are recent reports of the NAACP at their annual convention have issued a statement accusing Tea Party activists of  “tolerating bigotry and racism within the Tea Party movement”.  I find this to be a “pure political” statement without any basis in fact to stir up fear and continuation to divide this country based on race.  I believe this to be a calculated statement to influence the November election because liberals in this country are in fear of taking a pounding in the elections and losing control of Congress.

Are there bigots, racists in any in organization or movement?, of course there are!   I would venture to say there are some in the NAACP, but this singular attention paid to the Tea Party movement is way out of balance.  It looks like to me the Tea Party is a group of people who want to organize and be involved in the political process and all we hear from the media is that racists and bigots permeate this group.  Just look at the story during the healthcare debate about the black congressman who were walking past a Tea Party protest and claim racial epithets were yelled at them.  With all the media devices and you tube around no proof ever surfaced of the racial epithets.  Additionally, these same liberals have continued the onslaught to try to destroy Sarah Palin?   If she is such and buffoon and light weight, why focus of her and the Tea Party movement?

The liberals are afraid of this movement and this why the statement from the NAACP about the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.  They have to continue to control power in this country to complete their agenda and one way of doing this is to continue the drumbeat of racism.  I urge all of us to ignore this fear mongering and when you vote do not vote in fear because someone or some group makes accusations about another. Research for yourselves and make an informed decision. The powers to be in this country want the American people to be distracted from the real problems in this country like the economy.

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