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It is being reported that in the last few weeks Syrian security forces have shot and killed over 200people in the last 4 weeks.  Since the uprisings have occurred in North Africa the Syrian people have taken to the streets demanding that Syrian President Assad step down and allow democratic reform.  His response is to shoot people in the streets so sounds like to me NATO needs to start drawing up plans to conduct missile and air strikes to save the Syrian people from being massacred like the excuse we were all given for the Libyan operation.  However, even though protestors are being shot and killed there will be no intervention to save the Syrian protestors because they are on their own.

But think about this, what better opportunity to get rid of another antagonist in the middle east?  I say this only for the fact of the lame excuse for attacking Libya.  We could get rid of a lot of problems by toppling the Syrian regime.  For one Iran would lose a key ally on the northern front of Israel and a conduit for weapons to their patron in Lebanon which is Hezbollah.  A big obstacle to middle east peace could be removed and serious discussions on settling this matter once and for all.  But this will not happen!! The status quo will remain because to me no money or profit can be made by taking out Syria.  North Africa is sitting on huge oil reserves and this needs to be tapped and Qadhafi must go because he is holding up the progress of getting to these reserves.

I just get tired of being given excuses for attacking countries like Libya so we can “save their people”.  Really… so we can “save them”!! Who is going to save the people of this country (US) when gas is $5.00 a gallon, food prices keep rising and no jobs that pay enough for people to survive.  It is all smoke and mirrors when these things go on and I don’t believe a word of it!!


Periodically, I will make posts about this subject when I feel like there is new information that has been made available and this is one of those situations.  It is a well-known fact that Iranian President Ahmadinejad believes in the return of the “12 imam” who is a messianic figure in the islamic faith.  What makes this believe disturbing is that Ahmadinejad believes he must set in motion the events that will hasten the mahdi’s return which includes a destructive a cataclysmic world war.  Recently, I found an article that talks about at top advisor to Ahmadinejad has produced a movie about this very scenario and how Ahmadinejad has laid out his scenario how the “end times” will occur.

There is no need for me to go into great detail about the article as I have posted a link so it can be read and interpreted by the reader as to its content.  But make no mistake about this, Ahmadinejad believes this and we all should take very seriously what he is saying.  Don’t be fooled by the media because they are not reporting this in great detail because we are told Ahmadinejad is some kind of nut!! We were told in the 90’s that bin laden was some kind of nut and looked what happened!  These people are telegraphing exactly what they intend to do and will do everything in their power to bring it about.  Some how I believe the western nations believe Ahmadinejad is a nut case and are trying to stop him and here is why:

1)American forces are in Iraq and Afghanistan, the two countries that border Iran on the east and west.

2)Missile defense shield proposed for Europe so Iranian medium range nuclear missiles can be intercepted.

3)Israel has been provided with top of the line technology for missile defense.

Throughout history these same situations have arisen with some “crazed” leader bent on world domination but this time the stakes are higher because Ahmadinejad is after nuclear weapons and if he gets them then he may well attempt to manipulate events to hasten the return of the Mahdi as he believes.  Just remember, if this were a western leader talking about the return of Jesus and trying to manipulate events to get this to happen.  It would be in the news everyday about what a lunatic this leader was and every protestor from the US to Germany would be in the streets talking about how tolerant we need to be and not force religion down our throats.  What a joke all of this is in the name of tolerance!!

I have watched the war in Libya for the last few weeks with amazement and wonder why the west has decided to launch air and missile strikes in Libya and the reason is to protect the Libyan people and stop a humanitarian crisis.  Using other African nations as an example, why isn’t the west using air and missile strikes in the Ivory Coast where an election was held and the opposition won and the current President does not want to step down.  The possibility exists of a humanitarian crises so we must intervene and stop this?? What about Darfur??  There was a confirmed slaughter of the population but yet no air and missile strikes to help these people!!   I could go on and on, but these are just a few examples I site to show why for the air and missile strike on Libya is a shame!!

In no way am I defending Qadhafi but lets look at what has transpired.  We know he sponsored terrorism and played a part in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland.  This case was pursued for years and I believe the Libyan government paid compensation for this act which they should.  The west was worried that Libya was trying to produce nuclear weapons so a few years after the war in Iraq and Saddam Hussein captured the Bush Administration cut a deal with Qadhafi that he would be welcomed into the family of nations if he gave up his nuclear weapons and he did so.  In the last few years it looked like the West and Libya were getting along and then all of a sudden these revolutions start in North Africa and these governments begin to fall one right after another, but in Libya the government fought back.  The rebels were on the verge of defeat until the west intervened and I bet Qadhafi is regretting giving up his nuclear program because the west does not attack countries with nuclear capabilities!

All the while the liberals in this country attacked the Bush Administration for attacking Iraq and not finding weapons of mass destruction.  I ask this question of the liberals; Is there any evidence that civilians are or were being slaughtered? Libya does not have that many people, was there really going to be a humanitarian crisis?  My point is this, I believe there are powers behind the scenes that set in motion a chain of events that are controlled and manipulated and the revolutions in North Africa were set in motion by outside forces to change the entire structure of North African governments.  When Qadhafi did not go quietly and the rebels were on the verge of defeat then the west intervened because Libya must change and Qadhafi removed from power to help bring the muslim world in line with the New World Order as I believe these are the last group of people who have not bought into this scenario.

Obviously, this is just my opinion and have no concrete facts other than watching events unfold and by following them it is pretty easy to get a general idea of what is going instead of just paying attention to what the media is feeding us everyday.  Think for yourself and it is not to hard to figure out.

I just wanted to post a quick note and link below to an article that talks about Iran’s real goal is to try to takeover the Persian Gulf.  As we all know this is the lifeline to the west for the oil that is needed to run their economies.  Even if Iran did not succeed the disruption of the oil could collapse the economies of the west. The article states the saber ratling with Israel is just a diversion to take over the Gulf.  Interesting read so I wanted to add a link to share with others so let me know if it was worth the read. I also added a link on my page as well.

Dr. Kedar Warns: Iran May Take Over Persian Gulf

The U.N. voted 12-2 for more sanctions against Iran because of its suspected nuclear program with Turkey and Brazil voting no and Lebanon abstaining.  Interesting that in this vote Russia and China went along with the western nations in approving the sanctions against Iran.  Obviously, these U.N. votes or resolutions to do have sway over any country in trying to get them to “behave”.  But, makes you wonder what made Russian and China go along this time when in the past they have been against anything the security council wanted to do in the case of Iran and its nuclear program.

To me this seems to be headed down the same track like Iraq; UN sanctions, resolutions, threats of more sanctions and finally some type of military response.  I have lived long enough now to have a view of history in relation to current events and you can see when a problem is not dealt with at the time, you only put off the inevitable of having to deal with it later such as Iran.  The Ayatollah Khomeini took over in 1979 which was allowed by President Carter and at that time Carter was probably thinking if we make nice with him all would be ok, well it wasn’t!! Iran has been at war with the U.S. for 30 years through its proxy’s and because we did not deal with them 30 years ago this is where we are today.

Just like I stated above and applies to all aspects of life you have to deal with the problem in the present because if you don’t, you will have to deal with it sometime in the future whether you like it or not.

I have been reading up on the Middle East and ran across and article that has quoted a former defense minister in Israel saying that “Israel will be compelled to attack the Iranian Nuclear facilities unless the United States and it allies impose crippling sanctions on Iran”.  The article goes on to quote and expert from The Center for Strategic and International studies that Israel would need to use low yield earth penetrating nuclear weapons against the deeply buried nuclear sites in Iran.  the article goes onto say that Israel would accomplish this with the Dolphin class submarines in its fleet which I have read that they have about 3-5 of these in their fleet.

As I have stated in the past I believe President Obama will pursue a policy of  “containment” against Iran.  The so-called “cat is out of the bag” in regards to nuclear weapons so it is hard to stop a country from acquiring this knowledge.  Also, with Iraq and Afghanistan still requiring large amounts of troops and material who could blame him for taking this approach. The country is broke and the population does not want another war.  So this is why this article is so intriguing as to the Israeli position and how they may attempt to carry this out.

Obviously, they will not be allowed to fly through Syrian, Iraqi or Turkish airspace to get to Iran.  They could cut some kind of deal with Jordan and Saudi Arabia but this is doubtful so the next logical conclusion would be their submarine fleet of Dolphin submarines that are more than likely in the Persian Gulf.  Israel has shown in the past they would launch such a strike as they did against the Iraq and Syrian nuclear programs and I believe they will do so again against the Iranians.  Sometimes it seems like this is what Iran whats to happen so they can turn loose Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza strip against Israel.  Stay tuned but I believe Israel do whatever is necessary and will not wait on the West and their policy of containment.

I have posted a link to the article.