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The developments this week indicate the Palestinian Authority is wanting to be granted statehood by the UN.  To me this process has been heading this way for a long time but really picked up steam last year when Israel stormed the flotilla that was headed to Gaza that had its origin in Turkey.  Fast forward to today and Turkey has all but broken diplomatic relations with Israel, Egypt and Jordan who have peace treaties with Israel and say they are still committed to the treaty but their public statements are tepid at best.  Turkey is on the front line leading these Arab nations into what I believe will be an eventual confrontation.

Turkey is considering sending naval warships to escort the next flotilla that is headed to Gaza in what would no doubt be a confrontation with the Israeli Navy.  The pace of this future confrontation is picking up steam and I believe will occur in the not to distant future.  If Egypt and Jordan decide the peace treaty is no longer in their best interest then Israel is once again surrounded on all sides by hostile countries.  For whatever reason Turkey is taking the lead on this and the only conclusion I can draw as they want Israel out-of-the-way because in their minds this will solve the Palestinian dilemma and the crisis and turmoil that always surround Israel and the Palestinians.

Maybe the Palestinians should have a state and a compromise worked out, but appears to me the elimination of the Jewish state is on the agenda which is in line with what Ahmadinejad of Iran wants.  And to those of you who the United States will stand by Israel at all costs, think again. As rapidly as the world changes and especially in the Middle East don’t be surprised in the United States tells Israel they are on their own.


As the war in Libya drags on into its sixth week the 60 day reporting to Congress under the war powers act expires today and the war continues. The Obama administration says this is “not a war” since there are not “boots on the ground”! Who are we kidding?  If this country is providing munitions, logistics etc.. people are fighting and dying on the ground then this is a war!

I have always believed the commander-in-chief has to make decisions on war and security issues, but we are involved in Libya were there is no vital interest to this county and the media is giving the President a pass on this war. Rest assured if this was a Republican it would be the top news story everyday!!

The liberals have to be going crazy because Obama has gotten this country involved in another war, we are still in Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay is still open!  I know we can’t understand all the reasons decisions are made, but the next time there is a conservative in office we all need to remember how the liberals and the media gave this President a pass on the unnecessary war in Libya.

It is being reported that in the last few weeks Syrian security forces have shot and killed over 200people in the last 4 weeks.  Since the uprisings have occurred in North Africa the Syrian people have taken to the streets demanding that Syrian President Assad step down and allow democratic reform.  His response is to shoot people in the streets so sounds like to me NATO needs to start drawing up plans to conduct missile and air strikes to save the Syrian people from being massacred like the excuse we were all given for the Libyan operation.  However, even though protestors are being shot and killed there will be no intervention to save the Syrian protestors because they are on their own.

But think about this, what better opportunity to get rid of another antagonist in the middle east?  I say this only for the fact of the lame excuse for attacking Libya.  We could get rid of a lot of problems by toppling the Syrian regime.  For one Iran would lose a key ally on the northern front of Israel and a conduit for weapons to their patron in Lebanon which is Hezbollah.  A big obstacle to middle east peace could be removed and serious discussions on settling this matter once and for all.  But this will not happen!! The status quo will remain because to me no money or profit can be made by taking out Syria.  North Africa is sitting on huge oil reserves and this needs to be tapped and Qadhafi must go because he is holding up the progress of getting to these reserves.

I just get tired of being given excuses for attacking countries like Libya so we can “save their people”.  Really… so we can “save them”!! Who is going to save the people of this country (US) when gas is $5.00 a gallon, food prices keep rising and no jobs that pay enough for people to survive.  It is all smoke and mirrors when these things go on and I don’t believe a word of it!!


Periodically, I will make posts about this subject when I feel like there is new information that has been made available and this is one of those situations.  It is a well-known fact that Iranian President Ahmadinejad believes in the return of the “12 imam” who is a messianic figure in the islamic faith.  What makes this believe disturbing is that Ahmadinejad believes he must set in motion the events that will hasten the mahdi’s return which includes a destructive a cataclysmic world war.  Recently, I found an article that talks about at top advisor to Ahmadinejad has produced a movie about this very scenario and how Ahmadinejad has laid out his scenario how the “end times” will occur.

There is no need for me to go into great detail about the article as I have posted a link so it can be read and interpreted by the reader as to its content.  But make no mistake about this, Ahmadinejad believes this and we all should take very seriously what he is saying.  Don’t be fooled by the media because they are not reporting this in great detail because we are told Ahmadinejad is some kind of nut!! We were told in the 90’s that bin laden was some kind of nut and looked what happened!  These people are telegraphing exactly what they intend to do and will do everything in their power to bring it about.  Some how I believe the western nations believe Ahmadinejad is a nut case and are trying to stop him and here is why:

1)American forces are in Iraq and Afghanistan, the two countries that border Iran on the east and west.

2)Missile defense shield proposed for Europe so Iranian medium range nuclear missiles can be intercepted.

3)Israel has been provided with top of the line technology for missile defense.

Throughout history these same situations have arisen with some “crazed” leader bent on world domination but this time the stakes are higher because Ahmadinejad is after nuclear weapons and if he gets them then he may well attempt to manipulate events to hasten the return of the Mahdi as he believes.  Just remember, if this were a western leader talking about the return of Jesus and trying to manipulate events to get this to happen.  It would be in the news everyday about what a lunatic this leader was and every protestor from the US to Germany would be in the streets talking about how tolerant we need to be and not force religion down our throats.  What a joke all of this is in the name of tolerance!!



I have watched the war in Libya for the last few weeks with amazement and wonder why the west has decided to launch air and missile strikes in Libya and the reason is to protect the Libyan people and stop a humanitarian crisis.  Using other African nations as an example, why isn’t the west using air and missile strikes in the Ivory Coast where an election was held and the opposition won and the current President does not want to step down.  The possibility exists of a humanitarian crises so we must intervene and stop this?? What about Darfur??  There was a confirmed slaughter of the population but yet no air and missile strikes to help these people!!   I could go on and on, but these are just a few examples I site to show why for the air and missile strike on Libya is a shame!!

In no way am I defending Qadhafi but lets look at what has transpired.  We know he sponsored terrorism and played a part in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland.  This case was pursued for years and I believe the Libyan government paid compensation for this act which they should.  The west was worried that Libya was trying to produce nuclear weapons so a few years after the war in Iraq and Saddam Hussein captured the Bush Administration cut a deal with Qadhafi that he would be welcomed into the family of nations if he gave up his nuclear weapons and he did so.  In the last few years it looked like the West and Libya were getting along and then all of a sudden these revolutions start in North Africa and these governments begin to fall one right after another, but in Libya the government fought back.  The rebels were on the verge of defeat until the west intervened and I bet Qadhafi is regretting giving up his nuclear program because the west does not attack countries with nuclear capabilities!

All the while the liberals in this country attacked the Bush Administration for attacking Iraq and not finding weapons of mass destruction.  I ask this question of the liberals; Is there any evidence that civilians are or were being slaughtered? Libya does not have that many people, was there really going to be a humanitarian crisis?  My point is this, I believe there are powers behind the scenes that set in motion a chain of events that are controlled and manipulated and the revolutions in North Africa were set in motion by outside forces to change the entire structure of North African governments.  When Qadhafi did not go quietly and the rebels were on the verge of defeat then the west intervened because Libya must change and Qadhafi removed from power to help bring the muslim world in line with the New World Order as I believe these are the last group of people who have not bought into this scenario.

Obviously, this is just my opinion and have no concrete facts other than watching events unfold and by following them it is pretty easy to get a general idea of what is going instead of just paying attention to what the media is feeding us everyday.  Think for yourself and it is not to hard to figure out.

Last night I was watching Anderson Cooper and his whole show was about the “Crisis in Libya” and how Qadhafi was using his warplanes to bomb rebel position.  The program talked about how desperate the situation is for the rebels and something must be done to help them.  Anderson Cooper even talked by phone to someone who talked about how desperate their situation was and the Libyan was saying “we need your help” and Anderson Cooper says “we will get your story out” and would call this dude back.

I am not defending George Bush on Iraq as I have questions about that myself but Saddam Hussein far worse that Qadhafi and when he tried to do something about it he was pounded day in and day out by the media and the Democrats.  The liberal media and the democrats wanted out before the war was over and Senator Harry Reid even said “the war was lost”.  Now fast forward to today, there is another despot killing his own people with open civil war taking place and now all of a sudden this same liberal media is whining that something must be done to help these Libyan rebels when they said nothing about how Saddam Hussein used poison gas on his own people.

I say turn about is fair play so as far as Libya I do not want any American Intervention in the Libyan matter.   The media are reporting there needs to be a no fly zone over Libya so Qadhafi can’t use his warplanes.  I say we take the approach President Reagan did in the 1980’s when the Soviet Union invaded Afgahnistan. The United States armed the rebels, and in order for them to shoot down Soviet Aircraft we gave them stinger missiles and showed then how to use them.  I get sick of this media trying to steer the course of this nation based on who they support in office.  Rest assured if this was a Republican President thinking about no fly zones and air strikes in Libya the liberal media would be reporting “The Arab street is upset because the United States is about to get involved in another Middle Eastern country”.  We would be seeing Arabs in the street protesting and having their Day of Rage” because of this.

I have linked to an article below that talks about the U.S. secret plan to arm the rebels and I am ok with, but no American military personal need to be involved.  These people need to solve their own problems.

America’s secret plan to arm Libya’s rebels

Obama asks Saudis to airlift weapons into Benghazi


Some might look at the title of this post and say, “Can’t you see what is going on, the people are protesting and wanting change in their government”.  While I would agree with this statement on a very basic level I also believe there are catalysts behind the scenes that helped start this whole upheaval in the first place besides “the people”!  This whole situation started in the small country of Tunisia with the toppling of the government.  Egypt was next, Yemen, Bahrain and now Libya with some uprisings in other countries in the region.  My question on all of this is; while all of a sudden has this occurred? For what reason would these changes be occurring at a rapid pace?  I mean look at Libya! Qadhafi has been in power for 30 years and ruled with an iron fist and in a matter of weeks is about to lose control of the country!

I believe these changes are occurring for economic reasons and what I mean by this is that the powers to be are wanting to create an European Union type organization in the North Africa, Middle East area.   Take a look at how things have played out of the last 50 years. The EU was formed and now is a formidable zone for commerce. Right now the North American Union is trying to be created which would include Canada, United States and Mexico.  South America and Latin America are headed in that same direction as well.  The Asian countries are also well on their way to an economic union so other than central and southern Africa the last region of the world for this to take place is in the middle east!   To further prove my point the United States and the European Union have not condemned what is going on!  We have supported Mubarak of Egypt for 30 years and pretty much threw him under the bus. Look at Libya, Qadhafi gave up his weapons of mass destruction and was welcomed by the west in the last few years and now he is getting the same treatment as Mubarak.

Also, this is why I have no concern the Middle East will be turned into an Islamic Caliphate because of the scenario I describe above as I believe there are forces at work that will not allow this to happen as it did in Iran 30 years ago.  This whole situation to me is about dividing the world into economic zones for the benefit of those that have money to make more of it.  Dividing the world into economic zones may or may not be a bad idea as long as it is shared with everybody.  The point of this post is that these changes in the middle east are not some great quest for freedom, but orchestrated changes for a larger purpose and most likely to enrich the very wealthy at the expense of the working people!  I just read realized what I posted makes me sound like a communist lol!! I really am not, I have realized the bigger governments get the less freedom we have and that is my main concern.

I have linked to several articles below:

Merkel: Mideast awakens memories of communist fall – Yahoo! News

FoxNews.com – Qaddafi’s Son Warns of Civil War as Thousands Clash in Tripoli

I have watched the events in Tunisia and Egypt unfold in the last few weeks and have waited to post to see how this situation plays out and if there are any others who may believe the way I do and so far I have not seen any indication of this, but I know the internet is large so there could be some that do think this way.  I am a student of history and while some historical events are brought about by accident, other events are orchestrated and changes made in order to steer a course in a certain direction and I wonder if the revolutions in these autocratic Arab governments are one of these situations?  Let me give an example of what I mean:

I grew up in the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union and they competed all over the world through “proxy nations” to battle each other for influence.  While communism is a failed economic model all these communist nations had entrenched security networks to ensure the people stayed in line and allow the communists to maintain control.  This order of the world seemed set with no change in site and then ” Bam”!! We wake up one day and communism is defeated in Eastern Europe and the communists have fallen in the Soviet Union and this appeared to have happened overnight!!  Next thing we know there is no longer a Soviet Union and Eastern Europe is free!

I believe this is the same scenario in the Arab world.  These dictators are entrenched with massive security network to maintain control and now all of a sudden the government of Tunisia falls and Egypt is about to follow.  I would expect others such as Jordan, Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia to follow.  I do not believe this is occurring all of a sudden and so rapidly without unknown forces behind the scenes controlling the events.  Might you ask why I believe this? I believe this is occurring to continue the march to a New World Order!!  Think about it… Communism had to fall and could not remain in place if there was going to be a New World Order.  There could not be a clash of ideas on the economic system as there has to be one economic system in place for the one world government.

To me the last great hold out of people to fall in line with this order is the Arab nations in the muslim world.  They need to be brought in line and with these autocratic governments this cannot take place.  This is why I expect to see wholesale changes in the Middle East to help bring this about.  I don’t know of there is a positive or negative to a one world government, but I do know when power is concentrated in the hands of a few the rest assured the “little man” is in trouble and will become subservient to the New World Order!

In the last week and Israeli General was quote as saying that ” if Hezbollah gains control of the Lebanese government and Hezbollah initiates any hostilities then all of Lebanon will be a target, not just Hezbollah positions”.  This seems quite reasonable to me considering the fact that Hezbollah is in fact taking over the Lebanese government with the help of Syria and Iran.  As you look at the General’s statement he is sending a signal to Lebanon that letting Hezbollah run the country is a very bad idea and especially if Hezbollah is allowed to attack Israel from Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s gradual control over Lebanon has been taking place over many years especially with their possible involvement in the assassination of the popular Lebanese prime minister at the time Rafik Harari in 2005.  To further confirm these facts a United Nations Tribunal is on the verge of handing down indictments to top Hezbollah operatives involved in the assassination.  Apparently, Mr. Harari had to be taken out because he was taking Lebanon in a different direction than what Syria or Iran wanted.

Now it has been reported that France will sell Lebanon 100 anti-tank missiles which are obviously to be used against Israeli Tanks in the next war.  It is puzzling why France would do this as this will just reinforce the Israeli position of attacking all of Lebanon in the next war.  It should be obvious to any observer that Iran needs to control Lebanon so as to have a staging area for attacks on Israel from the north and control of Gaza so as to be able to harass Israel from the south.  There is one player in this picture that keeps this pot at the boiling point and that is Iran.  If Iran is no longer in the picture then most of the above problems are solved.

That is why I support any kind of destabilization efforts that are going on against Iran at this time because their ultimate goal is to take down Israel and all this would do is engulf the world  in a war that is not needed and unnecessary.

I have a previous blog post where I discuss Ahmadinejad and his believe that he must hasten the return of the Mahdi by bringing about chaos and destruction to the world. In recent days a story has been published by a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard where he says Iran will bomb Israel to bring about the return of the Mahdi.

To me, this continue to me of major concern if this believe permeates the Iranian government and given the fact Iran is a theocracy governed by religious fanatics makes this statement even more believable.  As I have said in the past Iran has one of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world and they need nuclear energy?? This is a farce to obtain nuclear weapons and according to their believe in the Mahdi then they must create so much destruction so the Mahdi will return and rule over everyone. So to me this is why Iran is wanting to go nuclear.

Once Iran gets these weapons the only deterrent stopping them will be the United States and the fact this country has 5,000 nuclear warheads. It’s a shame to have this amount of weaponry but that is the only thing these nut jobs like Ahmadinejad understand.  I have linked to the most recent article on this and copied one of posts about the Mahdi for further explanation.


It has been said that he believes the “Mahdi” will return and Ahmadinejad needs to help speed up his return.  Who is the Mahdi you might ask?  He is supposed to be the prophesied redeemer of Islam and is supposed to return to earth with Jesus being a subordinate to him.  I have no issue with anyone having a faith and believing a certain way about their religion.  The issue I have is with the leader of a country that believes this and thinks that he needs to help the Mahdi to return by instigating some type of global conflict is ridiculous.  The reason why we should be concerned is that Iran is on the verge of nuclear weapons and someone who believes this way with nuclear weapons in their possession is very dangerous and should be taken very seriously with what they say.

I do not believe there needs to be an attack on Iran as I think there are things going on behind the scene’s now to try to stop this man.  While this is only speculation on my part the following is worth mentioning.  If you look at a map of the middle east and find Iran see the countries to the west and east of Iran.  The country to west is Iraq and the country to the east is Afghanistan and now the United States is in both countries.  Coincidence?? I don’t know but I believe the U.S. is using this to our advantage to destabilize Iran so an attack will not be needed. I don’t believe it is a coincidence either that all of a sudden there are demonstrations in Iran as I think the U.S. is helping to organize these which is a good thing in my opinion.

I am not defending the Bush administration, but all along maybe they all knew Iran was driving toward nuclear weapons and by invading Iraq this would start the policy of “containment” against Iran with the United States being able to influence Iran from its eastern and western borders.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.