There has been considerable debate over the last few weeks as to the origin of the “con trail” that was witnessed over the west coast of the United States.  We have been lead to believe by officials this was from an airplane but was not a missile from our military or any other military.  I for one am not an aviation expert, but I have seen con-trail ‘s  in the sky and this does not look like an airplane con trail.  It reminds of a con trail of a solid fuel rocket similar to what we see when the Space Shuttle is launched.

There has been speculation this was a missile fired from a Chinese submarine and my gut tells me this is probably correct and here is why I believe this.  China just had the run in with Japan about fishing rights and Japan holding a Chinese boat captain because of this incident.  The issue was finally resolved but it was seen as a Chinese victory in the matter.  China wants to exert its influence in the South China Sea which is worrisome to Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.  Also, the incident with North Korea shelling a South Korean Island was not done without prior approval from the Chinese Government as North Korea does not do anything without the approval of China.  Finally, I believe China will try to make a move on Taiwan as they believe this is a runaway province and want it back.

Therefore, this missile shot was a warning to the United States of Chinese power and to not interfere in the region.  In another era this country may have taken a quid pro quo response and retaliated with similar action.   In order to return stability to the region let Japan and South Korea get their own nuclear weapons and return a balance of power to the region. It may come to this because of the U.S. out of control spending over the last 30 years and China holds our debt  and appear to be in a position to dictate terms to the United States. I mean this is a simple concept; China holds all the money so they get to make all the rules just like in the game of Monopoly as the goal is to acquire the most money and win the game not accumulate the most debt because that means you go broke and lose and that is where the United States is headed. I have linked to a recent article below.