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President Obama made his speech last week that as a basis for negotiations for middle east peace that Israel should consider returning to its borders prior to the 1967 war.  From my research this appears to be a first for an American President and the first salvo in what I believe is the beginning of the end of unconditional support for Israel by the United States.  Israel has long said that if they return to these borders their country will be indefensible and this is why they need to hold onto the territory they have.  Also, this land was won in a war started by the Arab nations and they lost so why should this land be given back?

Israel has stated they have no intention of returning to the pre 1967 borders, but I believe they will receive pressure from the United States, EU, and UN to do so because the world is tired of the conflict and want it to be settled. Since the formation of the State of Israel they have been attacked by Arab armies many times and the Arabs defeated every time so what the Arabs could not achieve on the battlefield they will try to get at the negotiating table and looks like they might succeed. Now, with President Obama getting the pre 1967 borders out in the open it won’t be long before the EU and UN fall in line.

To me this is a very disturbing statement by President Obama but I believe it fits into the bigger picture of what is going on in the middle east.  The whole status quo has been changed with the “Arab Spring” that is taking place with autocratic governments being overthrown or others about to be. What a perfect time for the pre 1967 border speech and with the complete turnover of the middle east taking place what a perefect time to finally get this conflict settled once and for all.  But, I do not think it will happen this way because I still think the Arabs do not want the State of Israel to exist.  I think these government bodies I have mentioned will press Israel to accept the pre 1967 border to obtain peace and Israel will reject this.  In turn, as they have done in the past the Arabs will attack with whatever allies they can find.  The EU and United States will blame Israel and not come to their aid, leaving them alone to defend themselves against these invaders.

This is not hard to figure out, you only have to watch and pay attention so I believe the speech President Obama has just made will lead to a chain of events that will allow the enemies of this country and Israel to have the green light for the final push to eliminate Israel.





Iran continues to make moves for regional power in the middle east and its quest for dominance all the way the Mediterranean sea.  It is well-known that Iran has influence with Syria and in Gaza and rest assured that Iran is building its influence in Iraq as has been reported.  Ahmadinejad continues to consolidate his power in Iran and in turn is extending its influence in the region with this being a major concern to the United States.

As Iran continues with this and its pursuit of Nuclear Power the United States continues to counter Iranian moves in the region. In the last few weeks the United States has deployed a  second aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf with its 60 warplanes to join the USS Harry S. Truman that is already in the Persian Gulf.

The United States continues to build up a large naval strike force in the region and the only purpose of this is to either intimidate Iran which will not work or to use this strike force against Iran which is probably the case.  Remember, President Obama did say during his election that he would not stand by why Iran developed nuclear weapons and this may be his solution to the problem could be around the corner with the build up of these strike forces. I have linked to several articles below:



Why might you ask is the title for my post?  Well, in my community kids are bused all over the county in the name of diversity etc… at the cost of about 70 million dollars a year for fuel, bus drivers, and the other costs associated with busing.  In the last week the school board voted to raise property taxes $30 dollars per $100 of assessed value on property to help “fund” the schools because they are running out of money.  Busing was implemented in the 1970’s (in which I was a victim of) and at the time things did not cost as much and there was plenty of money to pay for these social programs.

However, things are different in 2010. The federal government is bankrupt, unemployment is at 10% and the jobs people are getting don’t pay enough to afford any extra other than food, clothing and shelter.  All of these social engineering programs cost money so in the last 30 years the government ran deficits to pay for them and now the bill has come due.  But the liberals continue down this road of spending money like it was 30 years ago.  Think about it!! 70 million dollars a years to bus kids all over the county!! Look at what that money could be used for.  Newer school bldgs, hire more teachers and new programs for students.

The liberals in this country have to realize there is no more money and we can’t keep taxing year after year to pay for it.  If these social engineering programs cost this kind of money then it is time to get rid of them.  I don’t have any more money to pay in taxes especially with Obama care because my health insurance premiums will be going up later this year so I do not know where these tax and spend liberals think they are going to get their money.  I think the government just wants us to give them our paychecks so they can take care of us!! To me that seems to be where it is headed.

If you have been following the news you understand the title of my post, if not then let me fill you in.  There is a plan underway to build a mosque which will be a few blocks away from Ground Zero called the “Cordoba House” which will be kind of like a community center for muslims.   In the last week or so a New York city commission approved the plans for the mosque to proceed. There has been an uproar from some 9/11 families and this has offended them as being disrespectful to them and their loved ones who died at the hands of Islamic terrorists.  Now the President chimes in and says he supports the mosque because of this nations freedom of religion that is part of the foundation of this nation.

I have several observations on this that I would like to share.  The President is correct that freedom of religion is a founding principle of this nation and the government should not interfere.  But why put the mosque near ground zero?   Why not be sensitive to the 9/11 families and build this mosque somewhere else?  How many times in this nation does someone say something inappropriate by accident and a few dozen people raise a ruckus and practically demand this persons head?  We are told we need to be more sensitive and understanding.  So I say why not in the case of this mosque?  Why aren’t these same principles applied to these muslims that want to build this mosque?

Why since 9/11 have the American people been pushed to accept Islam as peaceful and make accommodations? Why not do this for Buddhists, atheists or any other so-called religion? While I understand all muslims do not think like these terrorists, it just doesn’t add up why this mosque has to be built close to ground zero.  To me the only logical conclusion is it is being done on purpose to disrespect the 9/11 families and this nation.  Polls show that 65% of Americans oppose this and the President comes out in support of the mosque.  I hope when a Christian organization needs some kind of support the President speaks out for them like he has for the muslims and this mosque.  Why do we care about the President supporting this mosque? so we can show the muslim world we have changed and our trying to be more accommodating and understanding of the muslim world.  I wish the President would be more accommodating and understanding of the 9.5% of people who are out of work and the rest of us that are trying to keep our heads above water.

I believe this President is out of touch with the will of the American and after the mid-term election I believe the President will have a rude awakening and we will then see if he decides to change his policies and focus on the will of the people instead of trying to be politically correct!

I have made several posts on the healthcare bill and the taxes that will be levied on the “Working American People” that will raised in order to pay for it.  I have also mentioned  the   general increases in taxes that will need to be raised to help reduce the National Debt!  I have come across two articles that state “Muslims excused from Obama care”.   I have copied the provision below from the Senate and House Bills these articles discuss:


In the case of an individual seeking exemption based on the individual’s status as a
member of an exempt religious sect or division, as a member of a health care sharing ministry, as an Indian,

or as an individual eligible for a hardship exemption, such information as the Secretary shall prescribe.”

Senate Bill, H.R. 3590, pages 273-274

The articles say that according to “various Muslim fatwas they forbid Muslim participation in any sort of healthcare or insurance risk”.  To muslims insurance is considered gambling because it is based on ambiguity.  Obviously, this provision could be applied to other religious groups and not just muslims but I did not want to focus on one group on my blog.  My issue is ” if something like healthcare is so important why start trying to exempt certain groups from participating?”  Because rest assured if certain groups are granted the right not to participate then they will not have to pay any fines are premiums for this but will want to get the benefits of “Obama care”.

These are the types of issues that concerned me when the healthcare bill was passed.  Not the part about pre-existing conditions, covering children up to 24 years old,etc…. But, obscure provisions like this that is a moving target and if any decisions are made in regard to this provision if will be made in favor of the decider which will be the “bloated bureaucracy” that will make all of our healthcare decisions. Once the healthcare provision is entrenched in our society we will be subject to these provisions with no choice but to accept them.

The American People must remain vigilant and stay alert to what is going on so when these “issues pop up” we all can become informed and let our government know we want change.  This is why the American People were not told ahead of time what was in the healthcare bill because if we  knew what is in store for us there is no way this bill would have passed in its present form.  In closing my title refers to the fact that if this healthcare bill stays in its present form then all Americans should participate. Let’s don’t start exempting certain groups right off that bat!!

As has been reported today 91,000 pages of classified documents have been leaked about the Afghan war and  there is a frenzy as to what problems this will cause for the war effort.  I also read where a private first class maybe under suspicion for leaking this info, kind of like a whistleblower.  I for one would like to know how a “private” has access to all this info? Some of the info maybe day-to-day stuff that occurs in the Afghan war and was accumulated overtime and this private decided to spill the beans! But it is hard to believe one person was involved with the more probable scenario of many more players being part of this leak.

However, this is an interesting turn of events that I would like to point out. It was just in the last month that Afghan war commander General Mchrystal had to resign for things he probably should not have said about the President and his administration. I find it hard to believe that a person at this level would not understand the things he was saying would lead to his undoing?  I wonder if the General did this on purpose to bring attention to the failing effort in Afghanistan.  Now all of a sudden there is a leak of all these documents talking about how bad the situation is in Afghanistan?  I do not believe these two situations have occurred by accident and where intentional acts to try to make the following two possibilities occur:

1)Government officials in other dept’s such as state, defense and the military are trying to get the Presidents attention to a losing cause if the U.S. does not get serious about defeating the Taliban.

2)The President is allowing this info to be published in order to buy himself time at a later date and safe face by saying ” I did all I could with the surge but the U.S. has to get out and somehow this will let him save face because during the election he said Afghanistan was where the focus should be and not Iraq.  If the Presidents strategy fails in Afghanistan he will need to save face somehow and this may be his starting point for doing so.

Unless Afghanistan is pounded by the Air Force and constant ground attack they will not be defeated. These people have been fighting for hundreds of years because they like it and once America pulls out they will go back to fighting each other.  I say if the U.S. is not there to win then get out now!!  If the Taliban takeover and they start to let Al Qaeda build training camps then continue the air strikes with plane and drones. If needed launch cruise missiles and keep special forces on the ground.   But the way I see it the continued turmoil with these leaks and a General resigning tells me the something is up and that something is not very good.

I have borrowed my title from Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Presidential debate with Jimmy Carter in which he posed this question to the American people. I remember watching that debate and I reflect on that statement now with the current state of this nation as well as my own.  I have linked to an article that some of the healthcare provisions kicked with some that are helpful such as lifetime benefits and not being denied for a pre-existing condition.  However, it is also noted that this will entail a 6% increase in cost to employers and we all know who will end up paying for this increase don’t we??

President Obama had said during the campaign he would not raise taxes on the people making less than $250,000.00 a year but this statement turned out to be nothing more that “smoke and mirrors”. What about the tax on tanning beds that just went into effect, or what about the money I am paying back right in payroll taxes for the so-called “stimulus” we got last year.  If you don’t think your taxes are going to increase then why is the government going to hire and additional 17,000 new IRS agents to enforce the Health Care Legislation?? They are coming for more of your money and I as for me I don’t have anymore to give.  Looks like I will be without any raise in salary again this years (and I am working more hours), my wife is going to be furloughed for 6 days next years which is about a 2.3% cut in pay!!

So I pose the questions “Are you better off than you were four years ago”?   Send a message in the November election and put a halt to this continued stealing of our money, because eventually no one will have enough money to buy anything in this country.   I have also posted a link about the hiring of 17,000 IRS agents.

I have linked to two articles in regard to my post in which the United States is increasing its military strength around Iran.  The United States has deployed a Third Carrier Group in the region with a total of  1o,000 combat troops. Also, it is now reported that Iran is surrounded by US troops in 10 countries which does not mean there is an imminent attack but there is a continued military buildup occurring in order to keep all options open in regard to Iran.  Interestingly this buildup is occurring without much reporting in the media which may be a good thing.

President Obama has said that he would not accept Iran having a nuclear weapon and if these reports are true it appears that he may very well  mean it.  Or, this could be a policy of  “containing Iran” that I have posted about in the past.  Either way at least something will be done to try to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon which with the past statements from Ahmadinejad would be a good thing.  This is a serious issue that appears to coming to head in the near future.

I have been reading up on the Middle East and ran across and article that has quoted a former defense minister in Israel saying that “Israel will be compelled to attack the Iranian Nuclear facilities unless the United States and it allies impose crippling sanctions on Iran”.  The article goes on to quote and expert from The Center for Strategic and International studies that Israel would need to use low yield earth penetrating nuclear weapons against the deeply buried nuclear sites in Iran.  the article goes onto say that Israel would accomplish this with the Dolphin class submarines in its fleet which I have read that they have about 3-5 of these in their fleet.

As I have stated in the past I believe President Obama will pursue a policy of  “containment” against Iran.  The so-called “cat is out of the bag” in regards to nuclear weapons so it is hard to stop a country from acquiring this knowledge.  Also, with Iraq and Afghanistan still requiring large amounts of troops and material who could blame him for taking this approach. The country is broke and the population does not want another war.  So this is why this article is so intriguing as to the Israeli position and how they may attempt to carry this out.

Obviously, they will not be allowed to fly through Syrian, Iraqi or Turkish airspace to get to Iran.  They could cut some kind of deal with Jordan and Saudi Arabia but this is doubtful so the next logical conclusion would be their submarine fleet of Dolphin submarines that are more than likely in the Persian Gulf.  Israel has shown in the past they would launch such a strike as they did against the Iraq and Syrian nuclear programs and I believe they will do so again against the Iranians.  Sometimes it seems like this is what Iran whats to happen so they can turn loose Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza strip against Israel.  Stay tuned but I believe Israel do whatever is necessary and will not wait on the West and their policy of containment.

I have posted a link to the article.

I have been following  the recent news about the nuclear weapons treaty the U.S. has signed with Russia and the Nuclear Weapons review just put in place by President Obama.  The treaty reduces the nuclear stockpiles of the U.S. and Russia to about 1,500 warheads which is still enough to annihilate both countries so to me this is not a big concern.  We hear in the news that Russia is modernizing its warheads and ballistic missiles and the Chinese are building up as well and then we are told the U.S. is not developing or testing new warheads, just that we will spend the money to maintain the ones we have.  Since the public source for any of this information is the news media I just hope the U.S. has more going on behind the scenes on weapons development than we are being told.  I would think this is the case, but all we ever hear is what “the other side is doing”.

As far as the nuclear policy review all Presidents have done this, but I just hope this does not send signals to countries like Iran that they can try to take advantage of the U.S. and its interests by thinking this country isn’t serious about its defense.  I mean do any if us really believe that by saying that we will not fire Nuclear Weapons at a country that does not have them or violate the nuclear non proliferation treaty will stop a country like Iran!! What if they have signed the treaty and don’t develop nuclear weapons and then on the sly give their know how to terrorists and they are the ones who use these weapons….. what then??

I want the countries like Iran to know or at least think that if something like that happened then the next target would be their country.  There is a lot to be said for keeping the other side guessing and off-balance and not always telegraphing what you are about to do!!