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I have two follow-up observations to my last post on this subject.  A few days ago one of the founders of Hamas said the mosque should be built in the location selected near ground zero.  Hmmm… I say to him he why don’t we send an organization to Lebanon, Syria or wherever this leader of Hamas is located and start building churches or synagogues.  Better yet, how about building a huge multi story church next to the Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem and see how Hamas and these other muslim groups feel about that!! I find it very hypocritical and odd why the mosque has to be built near ground zero!! To me it doesn’t make sense and there appears to be another motive.

Secondly, it has been reported that Senator Harry Reid the majority leader in the Senate has come out against the building of the mosque. Reid is apparently in a tough senate race and has decided to oppose the mosque for political reasons.  Rest assured Reid would thumb his nose at the citizens of Nevada and the rest of this nation concerning the mosque if he was not in the fight for his political life!!  While the right do build the mosque is undeniable, do the right thing out of consideration for the 9/11 families and this nation, build it somewhere else. Why put the families and nation through this when there is no need to do so.


As we enter into the end of 2010 the media is full of reports about the increase in taxes that are on the way whether by the expiration of the Bush tax cuts or an increase of taxes imposed by the government.  I have come across and article that was written by Lanny Davis who was special counsel to President Clinton in which he discusses a new ” tax increase bill”  introduced in Congress.  According to this bill there will be a 1 percent “transaction tax” on every financial transaction and we would all pay one cent for every dollar for these transactions whether by cash, credit card.  The article says this tax will not apply to the buying or selling of stock.

Looking at this on the surface some might say ” it is only a penny and it is no big deal” but I say “It is a big deal” if you look at the history of tax increases.   Remember the tax on your phone bill that was still being levied until recently to pay for the  Spanish-American war of  1898!!  This was just recently removed from the phone bill after 100 years and the war only lasted a year! Yet, we as the tax payers were not offered a refund were we?  Look at the payroll tax which started out as “1 percent” deducted from take home pay and compare to where it is today!! These are just two examples but there are many more of this government trying to solve their out of control spending by raising taxes!!

You can be assured that if this bill passes Congress and this “1 percent” tax on financial transactions is imposed a few years later Congress or the President will decide this needs to be increased by 2,3 or 4 percent!!  It will never be enough and this is why we need to pay attention when a bill like this gets introduced in Congress and defeat it now before it takes root.  Because if this “tax bill” is allowed to take root then we will be stuck with this tax for 100 years just like 100 year old tax on your phone bill to pay for the Spanish-American war of 1898!

In the last few days a disgruntled worker in Connecticut was allegedly being fired because he was shown videotape of him stealing beer from his employer.  Right after the hearing this worker shot up the place and killed 8 people and the 911 tape was released today and the worker said this “was a racist place and he took care of it” he then shot and killed himself.  The first report of the race issue came from AP and now additional information has come out that I referenced above.

This worker was a black male who claims his employer was racist and his girlfriend says he told her about racist remarks by his management.  None of us were there to know what was going on or in this man’s shoes to know how he felt but I can see what is coming down the road with this in the near future.  Regardless if there is any racism the media will continue to push this as the reason this man killed 8 people.  The blame will not be on him for killing 8 people but on the employer for fostering a “racist atmosphere”  again this will occur whether this whole racism thing at this company is true or not.  The shooters family, girlfriend, etc.. will hire an attorney an sue in order to get a big payday, again whether there are facts to support racism at this company. Remember it is not the “nature of the facts” that matter, but the “seriousness of the charge” that matters!

While I recognize there are still “racists” in this country this does not justify this mass murder of people who were just trying to work and make a living.  And for crying out loud they have video of this guy stealing!!   This is just another example of people in this country not wanting to take responsibility for their actions or mistakes and wanting to blame someone else!! I just don”t get it and I have yet to figure out how this mentality has permeated this society.   I have posted some links to this story.

I have been thinking about this over the weekend on the tax issue I posted about earlier and have added a couple of links to the right on articles I have read about the money the US Government is giving the Taliban over in Afghanistan.  According to the article we are buying their loyalty to come over to our side or help protect our convoys which may be the right thing to do as I do not know about war strategy etc…  If this helps us win the war, make this country safer, and get our troops home sooner then by all means give this money to the Taliban.  You might ask why am I mentioning this on a blog about taxes??

I had posted about having to write a check the IRS earlier so I won’t re-hash it on this post.  But my point is this, We our giving away our tax dollars to the Taliban so they will not fight each other and do work for us so I ask that is only fair they should have to pay taxes on the money they have been given!!  I mean how much sense does this make??  We are the citizens of this country and our money was loaned back to use throughout the year and we have to pay taxes.  The Taliban is given this money tax-free!!  I know I am just being facetious about this but you all are probably like me in that you work to hard for your money and it is frustrating to give it all away like this.  I say in order to make it fair just give me a sack of money like the Taliban get and don’t make me pay taxes on it and it will all be good!!

I hope I have added the links properly as I am new to blogging so if someone does read this and has any advice and if not correct just let me know.  Sometimes I am “technologically challenged”!! 🙂

If you have kept up with the news about credit card companies you have seen where Congress passed new laws that are supposed to protect the consumer from credit card companies and in turn these companies are changing the agreement terms for their customers.  Well, I wanted to report that it has just happened to me with the one credit card I have.  My rate has been adjusted from 7.9% to 17.9%!! for no reason at all!! Now I do not carry a balance on this card as I try to pay it off at the end of each month, but every once in a while I  carry a balance to the next month.   I type this as I believe this to be very unfair to those of us that take responsibility for our finances and are penalized for it and I just don’t get it.  Seems to me that you would want to keep your good customers and not over charge them.

I have kept my credit card for purchases online for the protection it provides if something goes wrong, but after receiving me latest bill I will be calling them to close out my account.  Even if the credit card company wants to try to lower my rate I think I will still cancel it.   I am tired of these companies trying to take my money and I have to spend all this time on the phone or online trying to justify why I need a lower rate.  I still believe we would all be better off not using them because of what I stated above but sometimes there is an emergency and it may be needed if you do not have an emergency fund saved up.

I just think it is a shame to be ripped off like this and I am not going to take it.  The good consumers of the nation need to take a stand on stuff like this because that is the only way this will get these companies attention.   If any one cares I will keep you posted on my next blog as to what they will say to me and that I don’t appreciate my rate going up and  I want to close my account and possibly move my business somewhere else.