If you read the title of my post you might think it is vulgar or something, but trust me it is not.  I name my post this in honor of the Value Added Tax that could possibly be placed on Americans in the very near future. The VAT as it is called is like a sales tax and would be added on to an item when it is purchased by a consumer, almost like a national sales tax with the Federal Government getting the proceeds.  You might look around and say “there is no way this will pass the Congress” but think again!! If you have been paying attention and not sidetracked by American Idol and Hollywood stuff the country is broke.  The government is spending way more money than it has and the revenue has to be made up somewhere and that somewhere will be made on the backs of the middle class.  The VAT tax would also hurt the poor, but rest assured the government will create some loophole to exclude the poor.

The idea was floated by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.  You might say “this was just his idea but not our governments plan”.  This was a trial balloon put out to test the waters to see what kind of reaction there would be.  Our government knows if they floated the idea people would be upset so they sent out Paul Volcker to do it.  You watch after the November election the VAT will be on the table because if it was put on the table before the election then who ever supported it would be voted out of office.  The VAT is a way for our government to take more of our money because they spend too much, and I believe if the VAT is implemented it could collapse the middle class. I mean look at Europe! a lot of those countries have the VAT and they struggle economically.  I read that Greece’s debt was about 14% of their GDP and they need a bailout to stay afloat. Our debt is about 10% of our GDP and our leaders know if we get to 14% that was is happening in Greece could happen here.

We must take a stand against the VAT and demand our government control spending because when the “‘have’s don’t have any money left to give the have not’s” then what will we do!! I have posted a link to an article about the VAT.