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As has been reported today 91,000 pages of classified documents have been leaked about the Afghan war and  there is a frenzy as to what problems this will cause for the war effort.  I also read where a private first class maybe under suspicion for leaking this info, kind of like a whistleblower.  I for one would like to know how a “private” has access to all this info? Some of the info maybe day-to-day stuff that occurs in the Afghan war and was accumulated overtime and this private decided to spill the beans! But it is hard to believe one person was involved with the more probable scenario of many more players being part of this leak.

However, this is an interesting turn of events that I would like to point out. It was just in the last month that Afghan war commander General Mchrystal had to resign for things he probably should not have said about the President and his administration. I find it hard to believe that a person at this level would not understand the things he was saying would lead to his undoing?  I wonder if the General did this on purpose to bring attention to the failing effort in Afghanistan.  Now all of a sudden there is a leak of all these documents talking about how bad the situation is in Afghanistan?  I do not believe these two situations have occurred by accident and where intentional acts to try to make the following two possibilities occur:

1)Government officials in other dept’s such as state, defense and the military are trying to get the Presidents attention to a losing cause if the U.S. does not get serious about defeating the Taliban.

2)The President is allowing this info to be published in order to buy himself time at a later date and safe face by saying ” I did all I could with the surge but the U.S. has to get out and somehow this will let him save face because during the election he said Afghanistan was where the focus should be and not Iraq.  If the Presidents strategy fails in Afghanistan he will need to save face somehow and this may be his starting point for doing so.

Unless Afghanistan is pounded by the Air Force and constant ground attack they will not be defeated. These people have been fighting for hundreds of years because they like it and once America pulls out they will go back to fighting each other.  I say if the U.S. is not there to win then get out now!!  If the Taliban takeover and they start to let Al Qaeda build training camps then continue the air strikes with plane and drones. If needed launch cruise missiles and keep special forces on the ground.   But the way I see it the continued turmoil with these leaks and a General resigning tells me the something is up and that something is not very good.


Well it has finally happened!! It has been reported that China has recently passed the United States as the leader in world energy consumption.   I have linked to a detailed article on this but wanted to add a few comments of my own and the possible double standard that may apply here in regard to the United States.  There is a quote from the article that says the following:  “Some environmentalists are cautiously optimistic about what China’s new status could mean for the planet, pointing out that it has spearheaded research and development into renewable energy. The IEA’s chief economist, Fatih Birol, said China is the world’s leader in wind and solar power.”  Are you kidding me!!  Correct me if I am wrong but the United States is doing more that any country to try to curb our pollution and in the process of reducing our consumption of fossil fuels which would be good for the planet.

However, China is the number one polluter of this planet and I for one want to know if the “environmentalists” are protesting the Chinese Government!! Are they stopping the Chinese from logging, fishing, drilling for oil or searching for other fossil fuels still needed at this time to run this country?   I can answer my own question and the answer is no!!   China is run by communists so in this society dissent is not tolerated because if the environmentalists go to China and do the things they do in the United States they would be arrested and possibly executed for subversion of the communist rule!

I am a big supporter of people and groups being allowed to protest their government, but I think some of the things these environmentalists have done to shut down production of jobs in this country is ridiculous.  Since China is the number one polluter and now the largest energy consumer these people can no longer hang their hat on the Unites States being solely responsible for polluting and using all the energy in the world.  I say to them “take your show to China if you are serious about these issues and then I will have more respect for your cause.”

There are continued behind the scenes talk that an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities is beginning to heat up again.  Defense Secretary Gates was quoted as saying “We do not accept the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons”.  I believe this statement to be true and the sentiment of the President as he said the same thing during the election.   The article also talks about the  Iran’s Sunni neighbors want the US to do it or they are threatening to go nuclear which would include Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  This could all be propaganda to get the Iranian Government nervous so the will negotiate but I don’t think the US should let these other countries intimidate us into doing their dirty work!!

I know the US has interests in the region, but if Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan want something done about Iran let them do it!! Also, if these countries want this “attack” to take place then the US should make them foot the entire bill for this operation and give us a cut-rate price on the barrel of oil when it goes to over $100 a barrel when this attack occurs.  This country is broke and taxes are going up and I for one don’t want to continue to pay higher taxes just because some country in another part of the world doesn’t like their neighbor!   When have these oil-producing ever given this country a break?  When the price of oil went to $100 a barrel a few years ago these countries didn’t help out the United States and this was one of the catalysts for the Great Recession!!  I say let them worry about and go cry to China since they seem to have all this money right now!

I have linked to two articles in regard to my post in which the United States is increasing its military strength around Iran.  The United States has deployed a Third Carrier Group in the region with a total of  1o,000 combat troops. Also, it is now reported that Iran is surrounded by US troops in 10 countries which does not mean there is an imminent attack but there is a continued military buildup occurring in order to keep all options open in regard to Iran.  Interestingly this buildup is occurring without much reporting in the media which may be a good thing.

President Obama has said that he would not accept Iran having a nuclear weapon and if these reports are true it appears that he may very well  mean it.  Or, this could be a policy of  “containing Iran” that I have posted about in the past.  Either way at least something will be done to try to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon which with the past statements from Ahmadinejad would be a good thing.  This is a serious issue that appears to coming to head in the near future.

A recent article at debka.com indicates that US and Israeli forces are concentrated on army and air bases in Azerbaijan ready to strike the Iranian Nuclear Facilities with Iran declaring a state of war on its northwestern border with Azerbaijan. The report also says that Iranian sources have reported that Israel has transferred bomber jets to air bases in Azerbaijan.

While none of us no what is really going on I believe the western powers are not standing by just waiting for Iran to get a nuclear weapon without some preparation to stop  them.  I remember during the election President Obama saying that he would not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons and maybe he means it. I hope this report is true because these “tyrant countries” need to be stopped sooner rather than later.  It has always made sense to me why the US invaded Iraq as I believe it was to get close to Iran as they were always the target.  Instead of trying to put pressure on Iran from a far away place now it can be done right next to them in Iraq.

What we hear in public versus what goes on behind the scenes is very different.  I for one hope things like the above are going in order to spare the world of a catastrophe because Ahmadinejad and Iran have a nuclear weapon.

I have mentioned in my previous posts on Iran and the middle east that Iranian leader Ahmadinejad believes in the return of  the “Mahdi” that will usher in an era of justice and end tyranny. Reports also indicate Ahmadinejad believes it is his job to promote this return with armed conflict if necessary.  I have linked to a report by an Iranian cleric says that “Greater Iran” should rule over the middle east with a Caliphate from Iran to Israel with the elimination of Israel as a nation.

Obviously, this could be the soundings of a “nut job” but with Ahmadinejad believing in the return of the ‘Mahdi” then I believe these statements should be taken seriously and if we look at history all to often these statement made by people like this become reality. I remember that news interview that ABC did with Bin Laden back in the 90’s while he was in some cave and Bin Laden says he is at war with the United States and he will attack us.  We all thought he was some kind of nut sitting in a cave talking crazy and now we can look back at 9/11 and realize he meant what he said.

I know there are Christians that think if they do certain things they can hasten the return of Jesus as the bible speaks about so I realize there are people in our country that can make these statements as well.  How arrogant of us as human beings to think any action we take will hasten the return of Jesus, Mahdi etc… or whoever we believe in.  God works on his timetable and nothing we can do is going to speed up this process.  But again, I think we should pay attention to what “wackos” like this say because history shows the death and destruction that can happen if these type people are dealt in a timely matter.

There is a report in the London Times that Saudi Arabia will allow Israel to fly through its airspace to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities.  The report says the Saudis have done tests to make sure their jets do not intercept and shoot down the Israeli planes and will look the other way if Israel does fly over their airspace with all this being done in agreement with the U.S. State Department. Then Ahmadinejad of Iran comes out and says the U.S. is trying to drive a wedge between Iran and Saudi Arabia.  He says that if Iran and Saudi Arabia stand together then “our enemies will not have the courage to invade muslim lands”.  By Ahmadinejad making this statement tells me he is worried about this arrangement and I say “good, I am glad he is worried”.  Don’t buy all the media reports about the “arab” being united because they are not.  Also, the Iranians are Persians and not Arabs so this is another reason that may cause the Saudis and Iranians not to see eye to eye.

Obviously, the Saudis deny this report publicly but privately I believe the story to be true.  I think the countries in the Middle East know Ahmadinejad is a nut and they do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons and threaten the whole region.  I also believe the Saudis would welcome someone else doing the dirty work to take care of this problem and if it is the Israelis then so be it. I believe this to be a positive development to let Ahmadinejad know “all his neighbors” are not on his side and that as I have stated previously I believe the United States is pursuing a policy of “containment” on Iran as they will obtain nuclear capabilities but they need to be made aware the price will be high if they try to “flex” this new capability whenever they get it.

I have waited to post on this story to see how things are going to play out.  But what has been reported is that a U.S. Border patrol shot and killed a 15-year-old Mexican in the area between El Paso and Juarez.  Appears the agents were trying to stop the flow of illegal immigrants with the help of “coyotes” as they are called when the incident took place.  The Mexicans began to throw rocks at the U.S. Border patrol agents when the shooting occurred. None of us were there to know exactly what happened, but I believe the U.S. Border patrol was in a no win situation.

Why do I think this?  Since Arizona passed their immigration law Mexico has been upset and their President has visited the U.S. and spoke before Congress on how this treats Mexicans badly and he will not have this.  It is reported the Mexicans are upset and taking to the streets protest because they believe the law to be unfair.  Now you have Mexican youths throwing rocks at authorities to show their displeasure the same way the Palestinians used rocks in the intifada against Israel.  Look at the parallels; Mexico feels like this is an injustice, but they will not send their police force or army to the border as they know the U.S. would crush them as the superior power.  Mexican youths are involved so if one is killed by the U.S. authorities then Mexico can use the publicity to try to show the brutality and unfairness of the U.S.  I don’t believe all this is a coincidence since the Arizona immigration law was passed. Doesn’t this sound like what Israel experienced in Gaza?

I for one am tired of hearing that “The Mexican street” is upset or the “Arab street is upset”!!  Will you know, I am upset!!  I am tired of the fact that we worry about all these other people and are not taking care of our own!! Is is high time that we do and go ahead and build a fence to keep the illegal Mexicans just like Israel did to keep out the Palestinians.

I had posted about Turkey changing its policies and siding with nations such as Syria, Iran and the terror group Hamas after a log relationship with Israel as one of their key allies.   It was reported that Turkish Prime Minister Edrogan said “Hamas was a resistance movement fighting for their land and not a terror organization”.  He indicated Hamas was elected which is true as I remember the Bush administration had pushed for Democratic elections in which the Palestinian people voted for Hamas and they won.  So okay, they won and would have been allowed to govern after Israel withdrew from Gaza but they began to fire rockets over the border so I still believe they are a terror organization and not a resistance movement.

I know Turkey has elected leaders who adhere to more Islamic policies but it is puzzling that in the last few years they have decided to side with Iran and Syria against Israel even though they are still part of NATO they continue to pursue this path.  I think another reason is because Turkey has wanted to join the European Union and has been rejected several times so maybe they have decided to say “screw it” we will change course and try a different direction.  Another reason they feel confident could be the diminishing power or influence of the United States.  Obviously, as other nations emerge like India, China, Brazil the lone superpower in the world has less influence on other countries and I believe this is beginning to happen.

There will continue to be a realignment of these nations, but I believe the are Arab countries of the Persia Gulf such as UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia will continue to side with the U.S. and while they want to see a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian they will not openly change sides to Iran or Syria.  This will be a constant chess match in this area for the forseeable future.

I had posted previously about a new alignment in the Middle East with Russia emerging as a new power broker and aligning themselves with the Islamic countries.  I just located several articles to prove my point. One states “Russia, Turkey becoming strategic partners-Medvedev (President of Russia) and “Medvedev looks to bring Syrian back into sphere of influence”. I have posted the links to the articles as well.

All nations look out for their own interest but as it was in the cold war when the Soviet Union sided with the Arab nations against Israel you now have the same situation going on again with Russia building alliances with Iran, Syria, and now Turkey.  I believe the end game is to deal with Israel once and for all in the minds of these countries. Look at the current U.S. position in regard to Jerusalem which as always been the jewish capital.  The U.S. is putting pressure on Israel to give the Palestinians East Jerusalem as their capital.   It is sad to say but until one side is utterly defeated all this drama will not end.  Just look at the example of North Korea, they were not totally defeated in the Korean war and look at the problems with that nation today.  If they had been defeated back in the 1950’s then maybe there would not be the problem of them developing ballistic missiles and sinking South Korean Naval Ships!!