As has been reported Mel Gibson has been recorded saying violent and hateful things to his girlfriend, mistress or whatever she is and as usual the media in this country are talking about it like it is some news worthy story that should be told.  In the last few weeks it has been Lindsay Lohan and her trial and how it has been for her and even her dad has gotten media attention.  I for one am asking the question, “Why do you care what these people are doing”?.   The media will say the reason they report on these “hollywood types” is because we want to hear about it and sad to say, but I believe this to be true and I list below a few reasons why some in this country care about these Hollywood people.

1)Bored with their own life some people want to live in someone else’s life.

2)Some people think these stars are bigger than life and are mesmerized by everything they do.

3)My life would be so much better if I had the life of a Hollywood star.

4)Their lives are so much more fascinating and fun than my life.

These are just a few and I could go on and on, but you get the point.  I like to watch movies, shows on TV and keep up with a few actors I enjoy and there is nothing wrong with this but I would like to point out that we all need a balance in life.  Anyone one thing we latch onto can keep us out of balance with other things in our life and fixation on Hollywood and what they are doing is one of them.

I was talking with my son and agree with what he said about how the media in this country keeps this whole society wrapped up in stuff like this while serious issues in this country are ignored like the economy, healthcare and the war in Afghanistan.  While we are asleep at the switch paying attention to trivial things like Mel Gibson throwing a fit, this government is out of control with what they are imposing on us in the way of taxes and telling us how we should live!

All of us should pay attention to what is going on around us and stop worrying about what People magazine, Entertainment tonight have to say and pay attention to what your government is doing and prepare yourself for the election this fall so you can make a difference and send a message to Washington that we are paying attention and will not be distracted by Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan and their personal problems.